Breeding PROGRAM

The Wunnamurra Poll Dorset Stud was formed over 30 years ago in 1987 with only a small number of ewes. We have grown the flock substantially and currently join around 450 stud ewes. Very early on it was decided that the flock should be performance recorded as a method of assessment and to also identify high performing individual animals. To this end, we joined Lambplan in 1993 and began recording weaning weights, eye muscle and fat depths in order to measure and benchmark our sheep against others in the industry.
Following Lambplan and Sheep Genetics Australia’s (SGA) guidelines, all stud lambs are weighed, tagged and have pedigrees logged at birth. The lambs are then weighed at Weaning at around 100 days, and then weighed again at 200 days known as Post Weaning. 200 Days is chosen in order to replicate the typical timing of when sucker lambs are marketed commercially. At this Post Weaning date, an independent SGA accredited Assessor ultrasound scans all stud lambs for fat depth and eye muscle size.  From these measurements ASBVs or (Australian Sheep Breeding Value) are generated for each lamb.
All ASBV information is available in our ram sale catalogue, or on request. It is also available at the Sheep Genetics Australia website. If you would like more information on Lambplan please contact either Ian, Andrew or visit the SGA website or Meat and Livestock Australia.
Since the implementation of ASBVs we have concentrated on a balanced approach between genetic performance and visual traits and qualities. Our objective is to breed the best quality, commercially focussed type of sheep for the Prime Lamb industry. The rams we produce are large framed, long, bold, clean headed, with rapid growth and hindquarter muscling on a large correct frame. They are suitable for producers to join to Border Leicester Merino cross ewes or large framed Riverina Merino ewes to produce lambs for the Trade or Export lamb markets.
Every year we artificially inseminate around 150 elite ewes to sires sourced from other top Lambplan measured flocks in order to accelerate genetic gain and minimise inbreeding and co-ancestry. In addition to this we are also members of Meat Elite Australia, which is a large group of 16 Poll Dorset breeders across Australia who acquire and share the highest performing genetics available. We also perform a young sire evaluation each year within the group as a benchmarking tool. In addition, MEA has recently been part of a Sheep CRC DNA testing research project in 2017/18. Please visit the Meat Elite Australia website.
A strict summer drenching programme is followed up with regular 6 in 1 vaccinations. Our sheep are guaranteed free of Footrot and Lice, and we are certified Ovine Brucellosis free. In addition, as a precaution and to offer the best protection to our clients, we have also been vaccinating against Ovine Johnes Disease with Gudair since its release in 2002. We also reside within the Riverina Biosecurity Area.
With our balanced breeding objectives, we are firm believers that Wunnamurra Rams Breed Better Lambs and welcome inquiries and inspections at any time.